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Important Software For Every Muslim
from on Islamic Gateway Server
Software Archive sites
    Islamic Downloads Archive
The Softbase Archive
Prayer/calander programs
    CyberSalat. V1.0 (3.5 MB)
A multimedia Windows computer program to teach Islamic Prayer. Created by Dr Monzur Ahmed.
QiblaCalc V1.0
A Windows program which calculates qibla direction from true north and compass north; lots of advanced features. Written by Dr. Monzur Ahmed.
Minaret V1.0 (52kb)
This is a windows based program written by Kamal Abdali and calculates prayer times, qibla direction and Hijra dates.
Moon Calculator V4.0
A DOS program to calculate position, appearance, age and visibilityof the moon. Produces graphic simulations of moon face, local sky and world maps showing visibility zones. Also performs accurate Hijri date conversions. Written by Dr Monzur Ahmed.
Prayer Time Calculator V2.5 (90KB)
A program written by Dr Monzur Ahmed which calculates prayer times for any location, draws seasonal namaz graphs, and has a unique qibla indicator which draws spherical (and flat) maps showing the earth from space.

Prayer Times V2.0
This Windows program, created by IslamSoft , calculates prayer times for any place in the world and calls the azan when prayer time comes.

Islamic Info programs
    Quranic Media (3.2 MB) ,3 disks
This is a totaly free program for children and adults that provides Quranic information linked to some objects we see around us today. Programmed and designed by Abdul-Rahman
Hypertext Book of Islam
This is a program that uses the Windows help system. This program written by Yasin Poptani conatins a large archive of Islamic information.
WinIslam (Demo Version) (1.15MB)
This windows pacakge produced by the Islamic Computing Centre allows you to search 2300 citations from the Holy Quran, Hadith and from Islamic Law.
  Hadith random viewer A random hadith viewer program that displays hadiths every time you load your Windows 95 system. Hosted on
Islamic software sellers
  Islamic Computing Centre Islamicbookstore

Sakar arabic software company


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